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This book, was born as a tribute to Irwin Allen and for the lovers of science fiction, with foreword and a special introduction and an exclusive interview by the authors friend Bob Colbert. It has comments from William (Billy) Hale, Jan Merlin, John Saxon, Paul Comi, Bob Duvall and other actor´s and 18 photos, with 8 of them dedicated to the author.
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There were two books that came out that were directly related to THE TIME TUNNEL tv series. And one that pre-dated the series, but was probably the inspiration (or basis) of the series that followed. All books were written by Murray Leinster.

Front cover of book
Time Tunnel
[Pyramid #R-1043, 1964]
A book that predates the series and probably inspired Irwin Allen to create his own version.

From the back of the book...
One end was in 1964 - the other in 1804. People could go both ways. So could... things. For instance, brand-new "antiques" for the 20th century, and marvels of modern industry for the Napoleonic era.
But you had to be careful - because what would happen to "now" if you did something in 1804 that changed history? It was unthinkable.
Unfortunately, it happened...

[Note: There is also a HC version of this book.]

Front cover of bookFront cover of book
The Time Tunnel

[Pyramid #R-1522, 1967]
The first of two novels actually based on the tv series. The front cover (of the TOP version) used part of the art of the 1964 book, but on the rear has a photograph of the Time Tunnel complex and two actors. The other version (BOTTOM) had a photo cover. Although both covers are different on the front only, both are credited as "first editions."

From the back of the book...
was the most important - and most secret - weapon ever developed. Scientists Ton Newman and Doug Phillips knew that the destiny of the world depended on it. Now the Tunnel was threatened with destruction - and the only way Doug and Tony could save it was to take a blind leap into the whirling mists of time!

[NOTE: Bottom book cover jpg courtesy of K. Roderick.]

Front cover of book
TIMESLIP! Time Tunnel Adventure #2

[Pyramid #R-1680, 1967]

The last novel based on the tv series. The front & back covers feature photos from the series.

From the back of the book...
The experimental nuclear missle was sent through the Time Tunnel - but something went wrong, and it wound up buried in the capital of a great nation, over a century ago! Now, excavation equipment was moving toward the site - any day a bulldozer blade might set it off, destroying a mighty city and plunging the world into war!
Time travelers Tony Newman and Doug Phillips had only one chance to head off disaster - to go through the Time Tunnel and make the accident "unhappen." The trouble was, there was a war on in the past - and the bomb was in enemy territory...